My first ever fanart this year ft. GrossTP


Ppani’s special dance in IGAB :)))

Bored? Are you a surfer? Have you ever read unlimited’s Cats? No? Then read it N.O.W. :)))  

happy new year sones and jeti surfers! 

managed to doodle before i leave XD this doodle is for all my sone friends and also to those who followed my silly blog this year! thank you guys! I’ll try to doodle more this 2013 ^^

oh jeti and their silly dance :)))

Jeti Flying Kiss~~~

Have you guys received your Milk Moustache book? I haven’t got mine yet lol. XD 

Here’s the 4 fanarts that i made for that awesome book ^^ (those who ordered can find these inside the book, i guess? :)) )

Milk Moustache by Aienbest ^^

boredom+ doodle + printer & cardboard = tadaaaaaaaa~~!!!!


who needs a boy group when you have the package deal?