oh blaaargh look it’s the next shirt design! hello kyungyul and yoongsan~ i’ll finish you tonight i promise @_@

my boredom makes malfoy look asian lol

DAY 5: Bestfriend

No one else knows me better than this person. There’s nothing much to say since I won’t really go into the melodramatic way of describing her. She calls me, we talk about anything and everything, tease each other, complain about random things, etc.. She’s the best though and she’s crazy.

DAY 4: Favorite Place

I don’t really have any specific place to mention. But this kind of place would be heaven for me, full of greens with a lake nearby. A quiet and relaxing place, that would be my favorite.

DAY 2:  Favorite Animal


I don’t why but i really fancy snakes, especially the green and yellow ones. I remember having a picture with a huge snake around my neck and while i was smiling like crazy. 

DAY 1: Yourself