Lindsey Shaw in 10 Things I Hate About You 1x01 - “Pilot”


Yuri: Just try and put on my best fake smile for these nasty ass trash bitches.

Tiffany: Well it’s not very pink in here but red will do I guess.

Sunny: Hai girlz~ *Sass smile*

Seohyun: Fany unnie! I’m down here! *Sobs*

Taeyeon: Why the fuck am I in the middle? Is that desperate cat below me? I’m ‘bout to fuck a bitch up.

Sooyoung: *Awkward penguin wave*

Hyoyeon: Lol who the fuck am I waving at? Try to act natural you got this.

Jessica: Keke~ Taeyeon is above me! Now is my time to score! *Loud cat noises*

Yoona: Lol heyyy just here chillin’ Tell me why I’m so rich I could buy all of you and have you chopped into my next meal.

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when her unnies suggested for her to speak in banmal (informally)

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Sooyoung stealing the spotlight at 2014 Miss Korea like she predicted 

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"I definitely think that it’s not a far away dream as long as it has that much passion and the passion gives you responsibility." - Tiffany Hwang

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taxi driver

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